What we Do

1. Awareness Raising

In order to raise the awareness of the public, & the patients in particular, PPSO-E uses various methods. Some of these include the use of media (Radio, TV, News paper), Production & Distribution of Reading Materials both for patients & care givers, organize workshops, Networking with various stakeholders such as CCRDA-Health Forum Consortium of NCDs, World Parkinson Coalition, Helpage International, Trocaire, Ethiopian Medical Association.

2. Capacity Building

Under this component we provide training to patients on disease management, care givers on the best techniques of caring PD patients, medical professionals on PD diagnosis, health extension workers & health officials on integrating patients with the community, journalists on how to report on Parkinson disease.

3. Care & Support

PD patients are economically poor and need support not only in terms of training and information. They need support for drugs and income. PPSO-E provides support to few critically affected beneficiaries in this regard.
What We Aspire

a) We aspire that the government of Ethiopia recognize Parkinson as essential list under the on Communicable Disease
b) Open retirement center for those PD patients who do not have means of survival, have no care givers and shelter.
c) We aspire to see PD research center where patients as well as the care givers can get reading materials to manage the disease and researchers can obtain enough resources to conduct further research on the disease.

Our Strengths
1) We are fighting right the right cause as PD neglected and silent killer
2) Staff Commitment
3) Active participation of patients
Our Challenges
A. Shortage of Fund
B. Dependency on one donor
C. Shortage of professional staff