Training for doctors

PPSO-E conducted a successful training on Parkinson for doctors on PD which is very essential to the objective and sustainability of the organization’s activities.
A Regional health Bureau and Federal Ministry of Health also facilitated in calling the doctors for the training. PPSO-E is greatly thankful to the Addis Ababa regional health bureau for writing letters and making phone calls to gather the doctors for the training.
All federal hospitals under Ministry of Health have sent participants. No private hospital sent participant to attend the training regardless of repeated attempt to approach through A.A FMAHACA & association of private hospitals, both in person & phone calls.



A total of 8 specialist professors from neurology department in AAU of health science were engaged as trainers

At the end of the training the Participants proposed the following solutions

• Everybody & government have to support PPSO-E
• It would be helpful if we train GP from the countryside to address all society & promote early diagnosis. It should also be given to regional hospital and all GPs should undergo this training.
• Support call/SMS center should be available for these patients
• Make the training continuous