Experience of a Parkinson patient

PPSO – E: Introduce yourself please?
Ato Aklew: Hello, My name is Aklew Yeshana. I am 73 years old
PPSO – E: What was your Job before you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease
Ato Aklew: I was a Forman in a Construction Company
PPSO – E: What was your income before Parkinson’s Disease?
Ato Aklew: I had a middle income salary, a house for extended family in addition to own family 5 in number.
PPSO – E: How many years have you been affected by Parkinson’s Disease?
Ato Aklew: 14 years


PPSO – E: How was your reaction when you 1st heard about PD?

Ato Aklew: First time I heard its name and its incurable nature was after I joined this organization but tremor was the first symptom that I observed. My friends and I considered it as malaria case but other symptoms start to appear. Within 2 years I became a patient. Especially in these two years I went to several places mostly to different churches for holy water. I even also visited 2 witches. I was in the mouth of everybody. Most of them thought that I was a sinner. Finally, I went to the health institution and got treatment.
PPSO – E: what is you source of your income now?
Ato Aklew: In the first few years I sold the land I was owned for constructing a house. For 80,000 birr. We used that money for a few years. After we finished the money my wife started to wash cloths for money despite her health problem. However, she also started to develop Parkinson.
PPSO – E: Do you have a care giver?
Ato Aklew: I live with my wife and she has her own health problems she is the bread winner the house, thus she doesn’t have the energy to look after me.
PPSO – E: how do you know about PPSO-E and what did you get by being a member?
Ato Aklew: My wife came in contact with staff of PPSO-E and told me to become a member. I got trainings, participant in experience exchange, got reading materials, income support and consultations.
PPSO – E: what do you want to say about PPSO-E?
Ato Aklew: They are doing very important work God bless them. However I suggest if they could provide a shelter for those that do not have a care giver
PPSO – E: Thank you very much.