Tsega Orcutt Our Partner in Improving the lives of  Parkinson Patients in Ethiopia

Tsega Orcutt Our Partner in Improving the lives of Parkinson Patients in Ethiopia

Tsega Orcuit lives in the United States of America and works in the University of Minnesota Physicians as a Movement Disorders Nurse Practitioner.  Through her job, Tsega knows how difficult it is to live with Parkinson’s disease. But she could not fathom the magnitude of challenge patient’s face when Parkinson’s disease is coupled with Poverty especially in third world country like Ethiopia. We met Tsega through a friend via e-mail. After we were introduced, we explained what the life of Parkinson patients in Ethiopia is and all the challenges we face. She easily understood our pain and expressed her interest to work with us to improve the lives of poor Parkinson’s patients. In addition to her generous financial support, for which we are very grateful for,  she convinced others to donate to us and facilitated the donation by sending  it through Global  Giving. On Global Giving’s website we had posted about one of our projects and asked people to help us with it. It is simple, fast and totally secure. Any interested person can use Global Giving to help. Once people donate to our cause they will send the donation directly to the PPSO-E account.  So it is actually the most efficient way to donate.  In 2018 through Tsega’s effort, we had managed to raise more than 6,000 US dollars and we distributed that amount to poor Parkinson patients to help with drug purchase & walking sticks.                                                 DSC_0341

Tsega has attended the 2017 Parkinson’s awareness raising walk that was organized in Addis Ababa.  She made a speech and answer questions raised by participants.  She has also planned to join us in the upcoming Parkinson’s walk to be held on April 14, 2018.

We would like to thank Tsega for all the love and support she has shown us since we met. Her support has made quite an impact on the lives of Parkinson’s patients and highly motivated our organization as well.

2017 PD Walk Top Sponsors

2017 PD Walk Top Sponsors

Parkinson Patients Support Organization-Ethiopia (PPSO-E) received donation from 45 individuals through www.globalgiving.org. This was coordinated by Tsega Orcutt from USA. We are pleased to have you as Family members hence forth. Our 2017 PD Walk was successful because of you.  DSC_0341

                                                                             Tsega Orcutt USA

              Donors 2017


World Parkinson Day Celebrated with 2017 PD Walk

World Parkinson Day Celebrated with 2017 PD Walk

PPSO-E annually celebrates World Parkinson Day with Parkinson Walk. This year we celebrated day with 2017 PD Walk from Tewodros Square to Ethio-Cuba Friendship Saurare  242 people attending the Walk. The 2017 Parkinson Ambassador Haregewoyn Assefa  opened the Walk with key note speech.


There were several invited guests out of which Tsega Orcutt from United States of America was the back bone of  the 2017 PD Walk Success


This year motto while celebrating the 2017 PD day was “Unite for Parkinson because 200 years is too long without a cure”

DSC_0295                    Untitled

Several key artists & journalists were part of the Walk


Also many patients voiced their problems to the public & media through the Walk




120 Blankets Distributed by PPSO-E

120 Blankets Distributed by PPSO-E

PPSO-E has distributed 120 blankets for chronically affected PD patients to sustain them during cold weather. Blankets were donated by MOHA soft drinks company and the support was obtained through Artist Haregewotn Assefa.


Parkinson’s Patients Support Organization Ethiopia becomes partner of World Parkinson Coalition

Parkinson’s Patients Support Organization Ethiopia becomes partner of World Parkinson Coalition

PPSO-E has become registered member of World Parkinson Coalition (WPC). Information can be seen from the website of WPC.

Parkinson 2009 Ambassador Appointed

Parkinson 2009 Ambassador Appointed

PPSO-E held awareness raising meeting for Artists & Journalists on June 11/2016. The meeting was aimed to raise the awareness of Artists & Journalists about Parkinson Disease.  PPSO-E believes that they are key players in influencing people to change attitude. During this meeting  a group of Artists elected Artist Haregewoyn Assefa as 2009 Parkinson Ambassador.Haregewoin Assefa

Lunch for Parkinson Patients and caregivers on April 28

Lunch for Parkinson Patients and caregivers on April 28

The meeting and lunch ceremony was organized on April 28. Its main objective was to create awareness and to form a network among stakeholders. Patients, Care givers, journalists and invited guests were present in the meeting.

The objective were to introduce and motivate members with the current year motto “Be strong”

Mrs. Kibra Kebede, the Founder and chief advisor of the Executive Director of PPSO-E presented the year motto for the celebration world Parkinson awareness month. The leading Parkinson awareness motto is Be Strong to fight back Parkinson.


She stated that we already know Parkinson is a progressive disease and also that there is no cure for Parkinson. But there is always a way to minimize the time it will reach the highest stage. In order to minimize the state of progression the patients need to be strong in fighting back Parkinson. The purpose for fighting is to delay the progression of Parkinson. After a brief explanation on the need for coming together a discussion was started. The discussion was focused on the day to day manifestations of Parkinson disease, the symptoms and the strength needed to return to normal.

After the discussion lunch ceremony was conducted. Finally dress and sewing cost was handed over to

Women patients and a coat and trouser was handed over to men for a total 32 women and men patients.

Panel Discussion on Parkinson’s Disease awareness month April 7 2016

Panel Discussion on Parkinson’s Disease awareness month April 7 2016

Like the past years PPSO-E celebrated Parkinson awareness month by organizing different events.

World Parkinson Month (April) was celebrated by organizing different events. Among these was “”Celebration of World Parkinson month ’’. It was celebrated on April month of each year. April was the birth month of James Parkinson an English Physician who described and wrote about Parkinson Disease.

For Parkinson Patients support organization – Ethiopia April is a special month in which we successfully reached the highest public awareness stage. In this years’ celebration, we managed to conduct two big events.

  1. Panel discussion for the celebration of World Parkinson month

This event was held on Wabi Shebele Hotel meeting room. More than 60 people attended with a heavy media presence both from print media and FM radio stations.

Facilitation for the panel disecussion was done by Dr.Seid, a known Neurologist and Dean of the Neurology in Addis Ababa University. He led the meeting and translated Amharic to English and vice versa for the benefit of both Amharic and English speakers.

Welcoming speech was done by W/ro Kibra Kebede, the founder of PPSO-E. She explained the achievement so far and the challenges in relation to funding, Donor, transport, professional staff and others. Finally she said the motto of the year is “Be Strong” and explained how the patients should be strong in fighting Parkinson Disease.

The second speaker was Dr. Dereje. Dr Dereje presented what Parkinson is and its management methods.

From the side of care giver, W/t  Abonesh emotionally explained how much her mother has suffered by Parkinson and   PD affected the family economically as well as socially. She explained how she came to know about her mother’s illness and her role as a caregiver. She told the Participants that she has no money to pay for house rent and that she is keeping her parents around church. She worked in the city and walked long distances to spend the night with her parents.

Ato wondyirad, representing the Parkinson patients and thanked PPSO-E for the help he obtained.  He spent the time allocated for him explain the benefit obtained from PPSO-E and the need for fighting back Parkinson.


After a short discussion for ideas and recommendations, the final keynote speaker was Dr. Molla, who is representative for the Ministry of Health, non-communicable diseases department, he acknowledged the work done by PPSO-E and he promised to work very hard and support the organization for government recognition of putting Parkinson disease in the essential disease list.

Clothes donated for Parkinson Patients

Clothes donated for Parkinson Patients

April is Parkinsons Disease awareness raising month. On April 28, 2016, Clothes were donated for 16 men and 15 women with parkinson’s disease.

Training for doctors

Training for doctors

PPSO-E conducted a successful training on Parkinson for doctors on PD which is very essential to the objective and sustainability of the organization’s activities.
A Regional health Bureau and Federal Ministry of Health also facilitated in calling the doctors for the training. PPSO-E is greatly thankful to the Addis Ababa regional health bureau for writing letters and making phone calls to gather the doctors for the training.
All federal hospitals under Ministry of Health have sent participants. No private hospital sent participant to attend the training regardless of repeated attempt to approach through A.A FMAHACA & association of private hospitals, both in person & phone calls.



A total of 8 specialist professors from neurology department in AAU of health science were engaged as trainers

At the end of the training the Participants proposed the following solutions

• Everybody & government have to support PPSO-E
• It would be helpful if we train GP from the countryside to address all society & promote early diagnosis. It should also be given to regional hospital and all GPs should undergo this training.
• Support call/SMS center should be available for these patients
• Make the training continuous