CBE- Partner of PPSO-E

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) currently celebrating its 75th Anniversary by holding Anniversary Walk that started from the historic Arada Branch (former State Bank of Ethiopia) and ended at the head office of the Bank has sponsored 2018 Parkinson Walk with a donation of 50,000 Birr.  Click   here for the website.

Experience of a Parkinson patient

PPSO - E: Introduce yourself please? Ato Aklew: Hello, My name is Aklew Yeshana. I am 73 years old PPSO - E: What was your Job before you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease Ato Aklew: I was a Forman in a Construction Company PPSO - E: What was your income before Parkinson’s Disease? Ato Aklew: I had a middle income salary, a house for extended family in addition to own family 5 in number. PPSO - E: How many years have you been affected by Parkinson’s Disease? Ato Aklew: 14 years ...