Parkinson 2009 Ambassador Appointed

PPSO-E held awareness raising meeting for Artists & Journalists on June 11/2016. The meeting was aimed to raise the awareness of Artists & Journalists about Parkinson Disease.  PPSO-E believes that they are key players in influencing people to change attitude. During this meeting  a group of Artists elected Artist Haregewoyn Assefa as 2009 Parkinson Ambassador.

Lunch for Parkinson Patients and caregivers on April 28

The meeting and lunch ceremony was organized on April 28. Its main objective was to create awareness and to form a network among stakeholders. Patients, Care givers, journalists and invited guests were present in the meeting. The objective were to introduce and motivate members with the current year motto “Be strong” Mrs. Kibra Kebede, the Founder and chief advisor of the Executive Director of PPSO-E presented the year motto for the celebration world Parkinson awareness month. The leading ...

Panel Discussion on Parkinson’s Disease awareness month April 7 2016

Like the past years PPSO-E celebrated Parkinson awareness month by organizing different events. World Parkinson Month (April) was celebrated by organizing different events. Among these was “"Celebration of World Parkinson month ’’. It was celebrated on April month of each year. April was the birth month of James Parkinson an English Physician who described and wrote about Parkinson Disease. For Parkinson Patients support organization – Ethiopia April is a special month in which we successf...

What we Do

1. Awareness Raising In order to raise the awareness of the public, & the patients in particular, PPSO-E uses various methods. Some of these include the use of media (Radio, TV, News paper), Production & Distribution of Reading Materials both for patients & care givers, organize workshops, Networking with various stakeholders such as CCRDA-Health Forum Consortium of NCDs, World Parkinson Coalition, Helpage International, Trocaire, Ethiopian Medical Association. 2. Capacity Buil...

Training for doctors

PPSO-E conducted a successful training on Parkinson for doctors on PD which is very essential to the objective and sustainability of the organization’s activities. A Regional health Bureau and Federal Ministry of Health also facilitated in calling the doctors for the training. PPSO-E is greatly thankful to the Addis Ababa regional health bureau for writing letters and making phone calls to gather the doctors for the training. All federal hospitals under Ministry of Health have sent participant...