What we Do

1. Awareness Raising In order to raise the awareness of the public, & the patients in particular, PPSO-E uses various methods. Some of these include the use of media (Radio, TV, News paper), Production & Distribution of Reading Materials both for patients & care givers, organize workshops, Networking with various stakeholders such as CCRDA-Health Forum Consortium of NCDs, World Parkinson Coalition, Helpage International, Trocaire, Ethiopian Medical Association. 2. Capacity Buil...

Training for doctors

PPSO-E conducted a successful training on Parkinson for doctors on PD which is very essential to the objective and sustainability of the organization’s activities. A Regional health Bureau and Federal Ministry of Health also facilitated in calling the doctors for the training. PPSO-E is greatly thankful to the Addis Ababa regional health bureau for writing letters and making phone calls to gather the doctors for the training. All federal hospitals under Ministry of Health have sent participant...

Know about Parkinson Disease

Parkinson is a progressive and degenerative disease of central Nervous system 10 facts about Parkinson’s disease 1. Parkinson’s disease is named after Dr James Parkinson (1755-1824), the doctor that first identified the condition. 2. It is caused by the loss of brain cells (neurons) in a part of the brain called the substantia nigra, which produces the chemical messenger dopamine. As the cells die, less dopamine is produced and transported to the striatum, the area of the brain that co-...

Experience of a Parkinson patient

PPSO - E: Introduce yourself please? Ato Aklew: Hello, My name is Aklew Yeshana. I am 73 years old PPSO - E: What was your Job before you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease Ato Aklew: I was a Forman in a Construction Company PPSO - E: What was your income before Parkinson’s Disease? Ato Aklew: I had a middle income salary, a house for extended family in addition to own family 5 in number. PPSO - E: How many years have you been affected by Parkinson’s Disease? Ato Aklew: 14 years ...

Support Us

If you want to donate to our cause of Helping Parkinson's Patients Stay in rhythm with life, please use the following account.   Parkinson's Patients Support Organization Ethiopia Commercial Bank of Ethiopia - Lafto Branch, Addis Ababa Ethiopia Account Number: 1000002963462 Swift Code: CBETETAA   Dashen Bank, Gofa Branch Account Number: 5039781372002 Swift Code: DASHETAA

How do you know if you have Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease strikes people in many different ways, leaving them to experience a broad range of symptoms. Though symptoms may be mild or severe or occur frequently or infrequently, Parkinson’s disease appears to have five different stages. The time spent at each stage varies, and the skipping of stages, from one to stage three, for example, is not uncommon. Parkinson’s disease stages include: Stage One: During this initial phase of the disease, a person usually experience mild s...