Tsega Orcutt Our Partner in Improving the lives of Parkinson Patients in Ethiopia

Tsega Orcuit lives in the United States of America and works in the University of Minnesota Physicians as a Movement Disorders Nurse Practitioner.  Through her job, Tsega knows how difficult it is to live with Parkinson’s disease. But she could not fathom the magnitude of challenge patient’s face when Parkinson’s disease is coupled with Poverty especially in third world country like Ethiopia. We met Tsega through a friend via e-mail. After we were introduced, we explained what the life of Parkin...

2017 PD Walk Top Sponsors

Parkinson Patients Support Organization-Ethiopia (PPSO-E) received donation from 45 individuals through www.globalgiving.org. This was coordinated by Tsega Orcutt from USA. We are pleased to have you as Family members hence forth. Our 2017 PD Walk was successful because of you.                                                                               Tsega Orcutt USA  

World Parkinson Day Celebrated with 2017 PD Walk

PPSO-E annually celebrates World Parkinson Day with Parkinson Walk. This year we celebrated day with 2017 PD Walk from Tewodros Square to Ethio-Cuba Friendship Saurare  242 people attending the Walk. The 2017 Parkinson Ambassador Haregewoyn Assefa  opened the Walk with key note speech.                                                            There were several invited guests out of which Tsega Orcutt from United States of America was the back bone of  the 2017 PD Walk Success . This...

Parkinson 2009 Ambassador Appointed

PPSO-E held awareness raising meeting for Artists & Journalists on June 11/2016. The meeting was aimed to raise the awareness of Artists & Journalists about Parkinson Disease.  PPSO-E believes that they are key players in influencing people to change attitude. During this meeting  a group of Artists elected Artist Haregewoyn Assefa as 2009 Parkinson Ambassador.