My name is Kibra Kebede. I have been living with Parkinson’s Disease for the past 16 years.

I see a center in our future; a center for Parkinson patients in Ethiopia and even in Africa as a whole. I see two buildings; two buildings that are the exact replica of one another. In one building it will serve as a home for Parkinson patients who can afford to pay for the home and the treatment that is provided by the center. The other building will serve as a home for those who cannot afford to pay. The money collected from the patients who can afford the home will be used to finance those who cannot afford it.

In the center the patients will get the treatment that will ease their pain. They will get proper medication at the prescribed time. They will live with other people who understand their agony, their pain and misery; other people who are also diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. They will also have care-givers, professionally trained care-givers. These care-givers will have the responsibility of taking care of the patients. They will have the task of giving medication to the patients, taking them for walks around the center and make sure the chairs and the beds are comfortable for the patients.

They will have a gymnasium in which they will exercise in because that is a very important weapon in battling against Parkinson’s disease. The gymnasium will be equipped with the proper machines that help Parkinson patients. The machines must be those that are designed to provide simple exercises and also exercises that are designed to help Parkinson patients. Professional trainers will be employed for the gymnasium and the trainers will also be trained for the exercises designed for Parkinson patients. The gymnasium will also have a separate room, a speech room. Since one problem of Parkinson’s disease is speech impediment, in this room patients will be made to speak loudly and say things that will relax their vocal chords and their throat so that they can speak clearly. Professional trainers will also be employed for the speech room.

The center will have a garden. The patients will be able to enjoy themselves in the beautifully groomed garden. It will be a green garden with flowers all around it. The garden will also have a small fountain or a waterfall. It will serve as a place of peace. It will serve as a place for the patients to go and come out with a clear mind and a fresh outlook on life.

The patients will also have a common room, which possesses comfortable chairs, television, different board games and reading materials. The patients can also use the common room to host their families, relatives or friends when they come to visit. The common room can also serve as a place where the patients come together and discuss about things that they want or that matter to them. The common room will be a place where the patients can get coffee and talk to one another.

The center will have a training room. This will be the room where trainings will be given to the patients or their care-givers. This will be the room in which motivational speeches and trainings on how to stay strong in the battle against Parkinson will be given. The training room will be equipped with comfortable chairs and proper lighting. This will be done to make the patients feel as comfortable as possible while attending the trainings.

From the Executive Director